The designer

With a long line of artists and crafts men in her family tree, Khala was destined to fall in love with the arts from an early age. Encouraged to always challenge herself, she grasped the reigns of creativity and explored many mediums of art and design. Sculpting, leather craft and textile design were just a few of her outlets. Khala has displayed prowess in art and design at an educational and national level in Barbados, having received grade 1s in Art and design with distinction at both C.X.C.i and C.A.P.E.ii level, gaining an award for Ingenuity in art and accumulating numerous bronze silver and gold medals at NIFCAiii. Over the last 6 years Khala has immersed herself in her love of Fashion Design and started the successful brand, Kalene Designs. This brand has gained much public interest in Barbados and has been featured on local television in Living the Dream by Y.E.S.iv, and the Mid-Morning Mix on C.B.C.v. Kalene Designs also was heard on 98.1 The One radio station and has also been featured in local print media including The Nation News, The Advocate and Barbados Today. Khala is driven to produce designs with strong emotional influences. She dedicated her first line “Resillient Beauty” to her mother, a breast cancer survivor, and also as a tribute to all who would have been affected somehow by cancer. Her new line “Deeper than Threads” is heavily inspired by West African Culture and is a tribute to the African diaspora around the world.

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